25 Classic Chinese Love Poems is a delightful collection of poems/songs spanning two millennia that vividly exemplifies how the ancients expressed their heartfelt emotions through these exquisite verses. The bilingual presentation with pinyin allows a reader to fully enjoy the poetic beauty of sound and rhythm, while improving their language skills and cultural understanding. The insightful “poem in a nutshell,” “background” and “analysis” for each poem provoke readers to open their imaginations and enter into their own sacred worlds.

This collection provides a unique selection of the classic Chinese poetry for us to taste and chew, and to explore the love, serenity, tenderness, and contemplation in our busy and bustling modern lives. The everlasting rhythm and image in these poems will continue to resonate as these verses are voiced aloud and intoned in the heart.

25 Classic Chinese Love Poems is a wonderful addition to the collection of any poetry-lover, particularly those who are interested in Chinese culture and literature.

Juwen Zhang
Professor of Chinese Studies, Willamette University

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