Li Qingzhao “Rouge Lips·She Jumps Off the Swing” 点绛唇·蹴罢秋千

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share a poem about budding love in the spring. The poem is “Rouge Lips·She Jumps Off the Swing,” written by Qing dynasty poet, Li Qingzhao, who is known for her many love poems. One of her poems, “A Cut Plum Blossom: The Lotus has Withered, yet its […]

Wang Wei “Wei River Farmhouse” 渭川田家

The multi-faceted genius of Tang Dynasty statesman and artist Wang Wei (699-759) has often been noted. A painter of landscapes and snowscapes, an accomplished diplomat, a memorable poet with brilliant descriptions of land and sea, descriptions often suffused with a Buddhist philosophy of his middle and later years, Wang Wei and his poetry is increasingly capturing […]